Eco-changes II

Turns out our dishwasher cleans our full-loaded and rinsed dishes just as well on the HalfLoad cycle as it does on the Regular cycle. Less water and energy used for a family of five. We are not perfect just working to do better.



I am very inspired by Swedish Eco-warrior, Greta Thunberg, and know that my children and grandchildren will eventually ask me what I did to help move away from massive fossil fuel consumption. Our baby steps can make a vast difference and although I am far from the perfect Eco-warrior I will do what I can to change certain habits in our home. Today, we start with these incredible durable bamboo straws 3 of which I carry easily in my bag/purse for those moments of convenience purchases.


The wilds of Quebec

“Mommy, I am standing here quietly listening to the stampine coming up the mountain. It’s a stampine of werewolves, wild turkeys, bears and jaguars so you better go back inside the chalet.”

James, 5