Uh-oh, forgot it at drop-in

This story has been spreading around family and friends so I will post it here for you.  Elizabeth (Ellie)  – now 2 and a half –  had returned home fr0m Elle’s house, where she spends Monday thru Thursdays.  I was changing her diaper on the couch.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Elle takes Elizabeth to Roden drop-in.  On this certain day, Ellie left the house in the morning wearing a butterfly necklace which she had made at Elle’s house.  I noticed that the necklace was missing so I asked her, “Where is your necklace?”  Elizabeth paused and thought for a moment before she smacked the palm of her hand against her forehead and exclaimed, “Oh Fuck!”  She rolled her eyes and said plainly, “forgot it at drop-in.”

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