no vaseline

Ah, two and a half years in as a mother and I am still slow to investigate the quiet times.  We had such a peaceful morning on Ellie’s first day home for the summer.  No more daycare for her!  I am a full time mother for at least another 14 months.  Sweet bliss of Ontario EI.

Our first morning as a threesome began slowly because Ellie is enjoying not having to rush off to “Elle’s House” when the music plays on the radio.  She knows that when she hears the Current’s theme music on the CBC that it is time to head out the door so we will not be late.  Now, she can continue to play and disregard that old schedule until we develop a new one in the fall.  Summer days are meant to be long and lazy.

I was finishing my mocha before heading upstairs to get my social toddler ready for a morning at the park.  It’s so hot this summer so it’s better to get outside before the scorching heat of midday.  Well, apparently, Ellie had her own plans which included smearing her entire head full of goopy gloppy vaseline.  Otherwise known as “Emma’s bum cream.”  I could not even see the strands of her hair she had used so much.  Perhaps she did this to cool herself?  She did not really have an explanation when I asked her, “Ellie, why did you put Emma’s bum cream in your hair?”

After explaining it was not such a good idea and that now we could not go to the park to include sand in the mix my solution was as follows:  I put one of Emma’s baby caps on Ellie and told her to keep it on until I figured out what to do.  So she sat and read while I sent messages out to trusted Moms and my sister, Trish, a former hairdresser.  Trish suggested Dawn dish detergent and it helped. It is now over a week later and with many washings and swims Ellie’s hair still looks like it needs a good wash.

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