the name game

It has been said that Elizabeth can be really creative when naming her dolls.  When she was given her first “baby” at just one year, I asked what the doll’s name was and it sounded as though she said, “Myrtle.”  When I repeated that name with a laugh she laughed too.  The name stuck.  Her second doll was given to her when Emma was born.  This one she quickly named, “Sayaka,” after my brother’s girlfriend.  She went on to call a few other random things around the house, Sayaka; her spider plant and the groundhog who lives in the back yard.  Two weeks ago, she suddenly changed Myrtle and Sayaka to Wiggle and Pop and those names have stuck.  However, today she was playing with a new toy and told me it’s name was Help.  We’ll see where all this leads…

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