A Midsummer’s Night Dream

As always, summer is passing much too quickly.  I am on mat leave and Matt, as a teacher, has his summer off.  Fortunately, we have enjoyed many visits with family and friends at the farm and Kavanagh cottage in Bancroft.  It is precious to see Ellie running around with her cousins and friends who create games and design costumes.  Last Wednesday, it was Queen Fairies and Knights.  Cousin Rory used a flutter board from the beach as his shield.  He is 4.  In total, 3 girls and 3 boys aging 2 – 7 ran, screamed, laughed and danced through the field, by the pond and under the apple tree.  It would make Shakespeare smile.

One of our recent visits finished with these words:

Evelyn to Ellie:  We’ll have you over to our house for dinner soon, ok?

Ellie:  Ok.  Will you have drinks for Christine?

Evelyn: Sure, what does your Mom like to drink?

Ellie: Wine.

Evelyn:  Wine.  Ok.  And what does Daddy like?

Ellie: Water.

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