Understanding Etiquette

We were at Ellie’s favourite drop-in yesterday and she was as busy as a butterfly with all the kids and adults.  She knows everyone and through her so do I.  She told me her favourite toy there, currently, is the doll house which she was very taken with yesterday.  While Emma sat in her 360 exersaucer, or circle of neglect as my Mom friends love to refer to it, I actually had a moment to myself.  So what is a Mom to do at a drop -in with a coffee in hand?  Well, text, obviously!  So, here I am being as social as possible with people I rarely see anymore when Ellie starts talking to me.  I give her the usual, nod and “yes,” “uh-huh,” until she surprises me by pulling the phone out of my hand and placing it in my bag on the floor.  She says plainly, “Do not do that while I am talking to you.”  Too true!

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