Swedish memories…

We were so fortunate to have my dear friend, Tina stay with us from Feb 7, to March 7, 2012.  Tina flew in from Sweden to visit 2 weeks before Emma’s birth and what a blessing this visit was for our little family.  Ellie fell for Tina immediately and let her stay the month in her room while she returned to the “baby bed,” her former crib, now in the nursery waiting for Emma.  Every morning, Ellie would wake Tina up in the early hours by saying, “Tina, I’m here now,” and then crawl in bed with her for a bottle and snuggle.  On one morning, Tina remembers Ellie holding her happy-faced doll, Myrtle (now Pop), and explaining that Myrtle was very sad.  Tina replied, “She’s happy.  Look at the smile on her face.”  Ellie looked from Tina to Myrtle and gave the doll a solid smack before saying, “Well, now she’s sad.”

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