Koh Tao

Koh Tao, 2009

Well, the dynamic of our family has changed once again. We now share our home with a delightful and playful little kitty who Ellie named, Crackers because he reminds her of the colour of her goldfish treats. Matt and I wanted to go with a much more formal, Ridley after our favourite director, Sir Ridley Scott who also happens to be a ginger but Ellie’s choice stuck. After much consideration for our beloved, Miss Lucy who is very lonely after the passing of her long time companion, Koh Tao, we thought it time to introduce a new friend. Crackers arrived on Friday night after we made two visits to the Humane Society. Ellie is preparing for a corrective eye surgery this summer – as her one tendon does not rotate her eyeball upward – so we spent last Thursday at Sick Kids which was a long process as is usual. After the visit, Ellie was feeling somewhat discouraged at the idea of the upcoming surgery but was a real trooper through the 4 hour visit. To cheer her up, I decided to make a quick detour to the Humane Society before going home and together we found Crackers in one of the last cages and instantly he struck us as the match we had waited for. This transistion comes after a tearful good-bye to my very first cat, Koh Tao a year ago. He was a beautiful little guy with attitude, a demand for affection and a purr that could lull anyone into a deep slumber.  He was pure love in my heart from the moment I met him. I had Koh Tao exactly 12 years almost to the hour. He was adopted on March 18, 2000 in St Paul, MN and passed on March 18, 2012 in Toronto. As time moves forward and the wind changes again we were very pleased to watch Lucy welcome Crackers in her own feline way.  Welcome, Crackers!

4 Replies to “Crackers”

  1. Christine,
    Somehow I missed the passing of Koh Tao. He was a wonderful cat, wasn’t he? I am glad that Crackers can help to fill the void.

    I am sitting here with little Beau. She is about 18, still rather petite, and adorable. Al loves her, too, and she is spoiled beyond belief.

    Here’s to Crackers Kavanagh!

    1. Thanks, Beth. I did not post Koh Tao’s passing earlier so you did not miss it. I still feel him here with us so it was difficult to write about him passing. I will always remember how you helped me put him in his crate after a sedative. He still managed to tear our arms very well! I thought of you when I brought Crackers home because he reminds me of Gus. I am happy Beau is still in your life and in Al’s heart. To cats!

  2. I recall that you posted about Koh Tao on FB. Ah, but I’m sure he’d approve of Crackers. You realize, of course, that you now need an animal called Cheese. Thank goodness Ellie can’t read yet, huh? Can’t wait to meet the new feline.

  3. You’re right, Carol! Koh Tao would approve of Crackers. I believe he is watching with sweet sibling revenge as Crackers runs circles around Lucy. The dynamic has certainly changed!

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