Happy Birthday, Grandma!!



Grandma “Lee” celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday. Here are a couple photos taken this weekend at our treasured Highbanks, Lake Erie. I saw my mother in younger years (likely close to my age now, 41) as I sat on the same beach we loved when my Grandmother was alive. For me, my Mom is immortalized on that private beach reading a novel. She would lay on her tummy on top of a colourful towel with her large 70s sunglasses; her chestnut hair kept neatly in a bob under a navy scarf with white polka dots. It was that image which inspired me to read beyond my short picture books. I was fascinated by her ability to read for so long and never see a picture. The bookmark was something I wanted too and I asked her if I could have one. She bought me my first book, Reddy Fox with an accompanying bookmark that had a red string tassle and we would read together on my Grandma’s beach for long afternoons. Yesterday, on her 70th, the girls had a brief opportunity to play on that same beach; laughing and splashing in the waves oblivious to the imprints of their maternal family which exist all around them.

One Reply to “Happy Birthday, Grandma!!”

  1. Hi Chris, Loved this post…You write so well…I could envision your words and feel the emotion behind them.Love you all and just sent mommy a text!! Hope she gets it! Keri xx

    Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:39:13 +0000 To: krazy_k1@hotmail.com

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