First Day of School

Ellie's first day of school
Well, her day is here. Elizabeth hopped on the bus this morning without hesitation. She was very excited to wear her backpack designed to look like a ladybug and sit with “the kids.” I asked Elizabeth if she wanted me to walk her to school on her first day and help her find her teacher and class but she cheerfully told me she would do it herself and wanted to take the bus. I have told everyone that Elizabeth is ready for school and that I am excited to see her off on her new adventure and path to maturity, learning and a new social environment, however; tears did fill my eyes this morning when I walked along the sidewalk looking through the windows to see where she chose to sit. She was three quarters of the way back of the full sized school bus, sitting in the middle of the seat by herself as she is one of the first students to be picked up. She gave me the most confident and excited smile with a quick wave before the bus pulled away to take her to JK. I have no doubt that she will enliven her class and impress her teacher with all she already knows.

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  1. She is such an amazing little person! I had tears in my eyes the first days of school as well…. xo Mary-Claire

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