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With great relief and patience we are confident that Ellie’s eye surgery was a great success! She now has a 50% improvement in her ability to look upward. However, when we see her look up, we do not see the change as much as we thought we would. That is because her eye was actually below the mainline at the time of surgery and now sits at the mainline and can rotate 25% above that. We did not realize that her eye was on the decline at the time of surgery – or at least, I did not fully understand this – as Matt had taken her to her pre-op appointment. Her Dr told us after the surgery that her tendon was extremely tight and needed 2 stitches instead of one to loosen it. Now, Ellie’s eye needs to rotate naturally, instead of medical intervention fixing it completely, so this might take years but it is the best way to heal in the long run. If it is adjusted too much, too quickly, then that will create a real problem for the other tendons involved and she will develop further and much more serious problems. So, we are all very pleased at this stage.

Ellie was so wonderful at the hospital. She walked into the OR on her own, holding hands with the nurse and her stuffed “Toto” dog under her arm. She was just so tiny trailing behind 3 surgeons and the Anesthesiologist who promised her bubble gum flavoured gas as they all walk into the surgery together. The jammies they gave her were so snug and cosy and Ellie even brought her own slippers from home. It was very upsetting as parents to watch her walk through those OR doors with a team of strangers but in contrast to why so many of the other kids were there that morning we truly realized how blessed we are to have such good health.

Thank you everyone for your kindness and love to Ellie through this time. She is one loved little girl.

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  1. Christine and Matt,
    This is obviously a big event, and it sounds like it is quite successful so far. All my best to you and above all, Ellie!

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