Words around a pregnant house


Well, Elizabeth is about to turn 4 on Saturday and the baby is ready to come any day now too.  I had truly hoped that he would arrive on November 30th to share his birthday with my Uncle Bob, Winston Churchill and Mark Twain, but mostly with Uncle Bob who turned a remarkable – he is still truly remarkable at 87 – on the 30th.  However, this wish did not come true.  So will he arrive on my brother’s birthday?  Dec 4th?  Or Ellie’s birthday?  Dec 7th?  When I suggested that the other day, that he might share her birthday and wouldn’t that be a wonderful birthday present?  She had a speedy response: “No, because I want a present that comes out of a box and babies don’t come out of boxes they come out of bellies and that’s not a present.”  Certainly, December will be a very busy month for us for the rest of our lives as if life is not already busy enough.  Not only will they need to share their birthday with the overwhelming Christmas season they will now need to share it with each other.  We’ll see what unfolds over the next week.

Further things on Ellie’s mind:

After driving around looking at the various Christmas lights in our neighbourhood we get home to our dark house – the front porch lightbulb had gone out that evening and I had not had a chance to replace it – suddenly, I hear from the backseat, “I guess Daddy doesn’t like Christmas lights the way other parents do.”

Ellie was in Emma’s room sitting with her in her crib and Emma gave Ellie a book to read to her.  I heard Ellie say, “This is a big book Emma.  I’m not sure I can handle this one.”

Let’s not forget Emma:

Emma is currently taken with hockey.  In the past few months she would run straight to the ice rink in the same complex that Ellie had Dance Class on Saturday mornings.  There was a girl’s team practicing and Emma was taken with the whole spectacle: the sticks, the puck, the Goalie, and the skates.  Now, she will often put her boots on the wrong feet and drag her coat to the door repeating in her baby babble, “Hockey?  Hockey Mommy?  Hockey Daddy?  Hockey now?”  I guess it is true that kids in Canada can be born for hockey because she sure did not inherit the love from her family.

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