Power Milk!

James in a basket 3 weeks old

Sweet James already weighs over 11lbs and he only turns 1 month on Jan 5th.  That means he’s put on more than a pound a week!  Recently, I noticed his back and tummy expanding and he is now an armful to hold.  James is already so far from the newborn stretchy skin and tiny face.  He has a wider face and a double chin along with a roll at the back of his neck.  He looks so cosy here and I want to say, “thank you very much!” to Pat Kavanagh, James’ aunt, who has made a beautiful quilt for each of my newborn babies.  His blanket arrived shortly after he was born so he uses it daily for swaddling in this very cold winter.  The hoddie is from our dear friends, Disa and Hugh, who always find very hip clothes for kids.  He is already so blessed and showered with love and gifts.  We are so grateful for such wonderful people in our lives who are already influencing our little guy in such a positive way.  It truly takes a village to raise a child and we are relieved to have such a stable and strong village!

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