A little bit of bad


Little Orphan Annie songs are constant earworm for me.  Emma discovered the joy of listening to music while sitting and singing in her crib.  The kid loves to sing!  She wakes in the morning singing sweetly but truly garbled; “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow, you’re only a day away!” or in a deep and shouting  voice we hear; “DUMB DOG why are you following ME?”  Also, Emma and Ellie wash the floors together when they hear Hard Knock Life so now I know that song inside out.  James will undoubtably be raised with showtunes and eventually take an assigned part in their household productions.  I look forward to it!  Recently, I asked Ellie if she ever dances at school.

“No, we’re not allowed to dance. I was in trouble for dancing,” she says as she looks down at her lunch.

“Oh, why is that?”

She looks up slightly, “Well, you’re not supposed to shake your bum at school ’cause Miss C doesn’t like it and you get in trouble.”

“Were kids dancing and getting into trouble?”

“No, just me and I tried to do it so Miss C wouldn’t see but she did so I had to sit on the blue floor.”

“Well, you listen to Miss C because when you’re in really big trouble that means you have to go to the Principal’s office.”

Ellie bites into her bagel, “Ya, well a little trouble is ok.”


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