Summer Love

I dare say it is here.  Long awaited and in a 2 year old mind perhaps partially forgotten.  It appears Canadians are still looking over their shoulders for a possible freeze even though the garden stores are now fully stocked with gorgeous flowers.  Customers smile at each other and make small talk about the happiness of shopping for perennials rather than salt to melt ice.  It is a delight to cut grass rather than shovel snow.  I have now done both: cut the grass and planted new seeds.  Good bye to the movie Frozen and sweet little Olaf the Snowman.  As lovely as it has been to hear your songs continuously throughout my day and ear-worming through my head into the late night it is time for you to pack up your ice until it is appropriate to pull you out again much later in the year.

Back to the Garden centre!  Emma prepared herself well.  She absolutely loves to wear sundresses but did not want to go to the garden centre without her very wooly mitts on a string.  She dragged them along as we went up and down the many aisles.  Within a short time she was skipping ahead and then running, her head slightly above the height of the plants on the low tables.  Emma giggled and sang Frozen’s Let It Go through the flowers.  She was so entirely happy!  Her favourite dress, her mittens on a string, Frozen in her heart and many many dirty puddles.

“Look, Mommy!  I’m dancing in the puddles!”  Emma squealed as she spread her arms as wide as she could and did a spin as though she were auditioning for the Sound of Music.  She attracted attention of course, as someone said, “I feel the same way!”

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