All Dat!

I don’t remember the first time I wanted to visit the Bayou and Louisiana but that desire has always been there as long back as I can remember.  As a kid, I felt we went on seemingly endless trips to American historical sites, plaques and house tours, but we never went to Louisana and for some reason, Peter and I both really wanted to go.  It was a crazy calling from the swamps of the bayou.  We loved shacks and banjos and people who could eat squirrel gumbo and play spoons or a jug. Bluegrass and Dixieland jazz appealed to our young selves and we liked saying, “y’all.”  This was a dream we had long before we were ten years old but Mom wasn’t into it.  So, in those days, we toured plantations in Virginia, robber baron estates in New England, and stayed away from the gators and water moccasins.

Well, my little ones, that fantasy recently changed into reality and I will tell you, New Orleans is the city of beautiful quirky which filled my soul with magic!

Matt booked us into a hotel in the French Quarter at the corner of Royal and Philip St.  When we arrived after midnight we walked into a beautiful brick building as old as those you recently saw at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  We had a small modern room off the courtyard.  A wooden staircase led to the balcony of our room and the french doors and windows had big ol’ shutters painted black.

Oh the joy of a full night sleep and waking up natural – no wailing alarm or early morning bottle refills and for a moment, I missed it; but I knew you were in excellent care an hour ahead of me.

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