What time is it, coffee cake?

Emma's first coffee cake

Emma is learning how to bake. Here she shows how good her coffee cake is before it even hits the oven. She does not understand the certainty of time in such a process so she starts to look at the time to figure out when her first cake will be done. I give her numbers to look for and in what order. We made this cake, one of several, for a friend who has shared much of her time to assist us through our difficult days. It is a small token of appreciation and it is made with the love of little hands.

Since Matt’s diagnosis in October we have had a constant focus on time. We hear alarms go off several times per day to remind us to take medications. We are aware of the time on the calendar to ensure we make medical appointments, MRI’s, surgery, medical check-ins or for alternative therapies such as massage and getting to the pool. We are aware of the years ahead with a number set out by the oncologist. They are haunting words; painful, depressing, and perhaps untrue. Still, a timer has been set in our minds and suddenly our whole approach to this decade has turned on this figure to decide what matters? What needs to be accomplished? Today we look at clocks, listen to alarms and plan dates for improving health. We start February under the cloud that treatment will be severe, long and sickening. When the time is up we move forward flying into the spring and renewed hope that Matt will return to work in September because so far time has proved that he is strong. So far, his time in recovery has proved beyond expectation and we pray this will be the case long into the future when we are once again able to forget what time it is.

2 Replies to “What time is it, coffee cake?”

  1. Beautiful article Chris….my gifted sister!Yes, Matt is every inch a warrior and you are a warrior on the inside!TIME and it’s relavence….makes me think of another courageous warrior Stephen Harding!Diagnosed with ALS and given a short time to live…..Well he defied time just as his theories do!Mind over matter: and Matt is one warrior whom has both….Brains and Brawn!!! Love you all, xxx

    Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2015 13:17:23 +0000 To: krazy_k1@hotmail.com

  2. Its always been my belief that time seems to pass by quickly when we look back on it because we forget so much of the day to day mundane-ness of living. Writing these things down now will help you to recall in the future that you didn’t just stand by and let time flow around you, but that life was full of special moments, happiness, growth, and yes, grief and fear. Sharing this with us will help us understand and be supportive. Even though we are not side by side, we are never really apart.


    Evan xoxo

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