“Kids need outside” – Katy Chauvin

ellie's first day out

Last Friday was the first chance I had to ski with you, Ellie. It was likely the best day we have ever spent together. After four days of learning with your ski school on the magic carpet you asked to go up the mountain with me.  Your first time racing down the lower Nansen was impressive!  You skied ahead of me focused on your pizza pose, laughing and screaming with delight all the way to the bottom.  As your instructor, Guy told me, “Elizabeth will be a great skier.  She like to have fun and she has no fear.  I liked skiing with Elizabeth!” I noticed the same thing when we made it out at the end of your ski week.  We played in the fresh air and you really understood the magic of snow and the happiness that winter can bring.  After tackling the lower Nansen you were determined to take the gondola to the top.  By our last run of the day you were exhausted but you wanted to keep going.  I put you between my legs and we skied tandem from the top of Tremblant.  We followed the gentle slope of the Nansen straight to the bottom.  We laughed, we sang and we soaked up the sunshine.  Fresh air, exercise and one-on-one time was the best medicine for us last Friday.  I’m so proud of you and look forward to many days skiing together in the years ahead.

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