satellite serenade

It’s the familiar sound that pulls it out.  It starts with a lull which takes you to another space and time and it twists it around so that you see it backwards and upside down.  You never know which piece of that memory will appear and which will become a little more hazy but in the end you know the music took you there.  So that is the way with Sasha and John Digweed’s 1996 album Northern Exposure. Hearing it for the first time triggered my curiosity for a new concept of music.  It was beyond anything that I was exposed to until I happened upon that marvelous place on a quiet corner of Southport, Australia.  It launched my stay at Trekkers; making it the house beat because we played it so much. It played by the salt water pool, it played on the balcony above, it played in the kitchen, the front entry and the lounge.  It made you want to capture time wishing to keep it fresh and keep it alive.  My thoughts tickle with string theories and the great beyond to capture those distant faces.  I see them dancing and hear their laughter making them vibrant and whole.

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