“I Get Around”

Squint and Ems

Emma, when you were only a few months old I took you out for lunch with my very funny friend, Squint.  He was rolling through town with the Beach Boys on their 50th anniversary tour and had invited Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and me to go to the concert that night which Grandma was thrilled about.  The Beach Boys were always one of Grandma’s favourite bands and this tour was a big deal because they had not performed together in many years.

Today, it is easy to keep up with friends who are constantly on the move and travel endlessly around the world.  Squint only had to send off a quick message to us that he would be in town and for us to save the date.  This was much easier than way back in the day when I had first met Squint working in Australia many younger years ago.  Imagine!  You only had one phone number to contact someone and that number would change digits several times over a lifetime.  This is how things were when I was a kid.

Emma, you were at that adorable phase of sleep, sleep, sleep; making it easy for a Mom to get out and enjoy lunch in a nice restaurant.  Ellie was at daycare and Daddy was at work because it was a Tuesday. We were near the end of lunch when a couple walked in and sat a table apart from us.  They were sitting across from each other as we were with Squint.  You were sleeping peacefully in your travel seat on the bench next to me.

The man in the couple spoke to us admiringly and was very kind.  He began to speak of a book he had recently read and wanted to suggest:

“It’s a wonderful book about an American mother who learns the cultural differences of raising her child in France.  I highly recommend it to you although it might not apply to you for a few more years when she becomes a toddler.”

“Oh, I have a toddler at home,” I told him.

Squint looked up from his menu and said in a defeated voice, “What?!  This is the worst first date I have ever been on.”

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