hello, good bye

It’s as though a light turned on and he suddenly gets it. Little James, or Jaymoo as the girls affectionately call him, has suddenly begun to interact with the world as a toddler. While I still see my darling infant in his baby face I have to start to see that he is much more than just a wide-eyed baby. His sounds are beginning to form: “bus,” “hi,” “bye,” “DADDA!”

I left James with Emma at my gym’s daycare today and when I returned he was alone on a mat system they have for toddler climbing. He made it to the 4th mat at the top. I stood quietly in the doorway watching him amazed that he was able to do that. When he reached the top he swayed like a drunk before steadying himself. He caught his balance and focused on the short mat slide before he toddled down. He ended with a forward bend, a typical toddler, hands on the floor in downward dog. He pushed himself back up and somewhat smiled to himself before he looked directly at me as though sensing my presence across the room. With that he gave out a dramatic wail and toddled across the room to me. Baby Jaymoo, when did you go?

Beautiful toddler, James. I am so excited to play with you!

james 17 months farm

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