Adopted Home Policies

Ellie shoved James to get a toy out of his hands which made him cry.
“You know, Ellie you need to take care of James and be nice to him because one day he’s going to grow up and take care of you and make sure you are safe.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, when he’s bigger and goes to school with you even though he’s younger he’s still going to protect you because he loves you so much and he won’t want anyone to hurt you. He’s going to be very strong and it’ll be good to have him in your corner.”
“You mean he’ll be bigger and go to my school one day?”
“Yes, he will and if kids shove you, James will be so strong he may even punch them in the nose to defend you because he loves you so much.”
“Ah, actually he won’t punch anyone in the nose because at school we have a Hands Off Policy.”

2 Replies to “Adopted Home Policies”

  1. Ellie just seems one step ahead of you. Poor James. I am sure he’ll get his revenge someday then all will be well. I hope to see you all soon. Perhaps August. xoxo E

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