Fathers 3

It took 3 Dads to raise me: my biological Dad, my step father, George and my uncle Bob.  George Beard became my step father the year I turned 11, in December of 1982.  I was overwhelmed and distrusting of Dads so was not easy on him but George maintained great patience with me.  He was a steady support through my development; from turbulent youth into my adventurous to finally settled adulthood.  Through it all George was unwavering and solid.  His character was clear and reliable.

For you, he was Grandpa George and each of you adore him beyond words.  Emma, your first response when you see Grandma is, “Where’s Grandpa George?” and James, one of your first distinguishable words was “Anpa” after spending several days at the condo while Daddy and I were in New Orleans.  You were only 9 months at the time and very heavy to lift but George persevered.  Ellie, you have many more memories shared with Grandpa. You spent time at the cottage and had countless visits with him at the condo or driving around in the “Subaru” listening to Grandpa music such as Artie Shaw and Pavarotti.  “Hey, I know this song! I listened to it in the Subaru with Grandpa George!”

I wish Grandpa George could be a steady force for your future as he was for mine, especially in these uncertain and scary days.  I will channel as much of him as I can for you and he will be shared with you in memories and stories from each of us that are left behind to process this quick and painful passing.

May you Rest in Peace, George.  We will miss you dearly.  Xo

3 Replies to “Fathers 3”

  1. Chris what a beautiful tribute to our dad . I Love Honey Thank you from all my grieving heart. He was an exceptional father and grandfather. Trish

  2. All of grandpa’s grandchildren and his great grandchild held a special place in his heart. You all brought him great joy. But Ellie, Emma and James let him continue to be young at heart. It was so special to see-truly a gift. Thank you.

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