Hide & Seek – Toss Cats

Staying at Grandpa George’s cottage can stir a kid’s imagination especially when it’s raining and you’re too young for Trivia Pursuit.  On our last visit, Ellie and Emma wanted to play Hide and Seek but the cottage is such a small space that there really is nowhere to successfully hide from Daddy for too long.  So Ellie’s creativity incorporated the use of thick blankets to hide under.  To give Daddy “a clue” as to where she and Emma were – aside from the large lump in the middle of the floor – Ellie offered to toss a stuffed cat from her hiding place and Emma followed.

“…8, 9, 10.  Ready of not here I come,” Matt took his hands off his eyes and a pink cat flew out from under one side of the blanket.  A black cat with a glitter-pink tummy was tossed up from the other side.  “Where could they be?”

And so it went on, stuffed cats flying through the air for almost 30 minutes.


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