Nov 1, still a birthday

Some properties are like members of the family.  A cherished property encompasses the development of a family.  It is a place to gather, exchange ideas, provide comfort, laugh and find peace. We cook, eat and invite friends to share our divine space.  They help us build memories and deepen bonds.  Certain properties can become such a part of our lives that we walk through them as though they reside within our subconscious.  They only jolt us to our deepest senses when they are threatened to depart our lives.  Then each room, each tree, every angle pulls at our heart and wrenches our gut.  It is never easy to say, “goodbye” because to do so is a threat to our memories, our building blocks of who we believe we are because for without that space we become separated and distanced from the life we knew and our house of cards will need to be built again.


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