Distinguished voices

The way my little ones address adults is direct and full of truth.

Recently, Emma was in the playground with a father and his daughter both of whom she did not know but she was excited that the father was chasing his daughter around the play structure and wanted in on the game.

“Hey, Guy!  Pretend you’re a zombie monster and chase me too.”

James is fascinated by the construction next door because the neighbours are building a massive addition onto their house.  James has enjoyed watching the digger shovels, the drills and the trucks taking the dirt and stone away.  In the morning he shouts at them in his friendly toddler way which makes me believe they strain to understand what he is saying but this morning it was clear:

“Hi!  Hi, Workers!  You working?  Have your tools?  Have your tools, Workers?  Ok, go working.  Workers.  Bye!”

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