7 year old lessons

“Ms Reguly’s sister was my piano teacher when I was a little girl but she didn’t come to my house, like Lucy does for you guys, I went to Ms Reguly’s house for piano and she would sometimes sit with me while I was waiting.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened as Ms Reguly teaches Kindergarten at their school and is Emma’s teacher.

“Can we go to Ms Reguly’s house and see her piano?”

“Well, no we weren’t invited.”

“Well, we can just surprise visit her then we don’t need to be invited.  That’s actually a way around that.”


“Ya.  We just show up.”

“Let’s clean up now before your lesson.”

Ellie, Emma and James continue to play around me as I scramble to collect Shopkins, utensils, cups and scattered papers across the floor.  I begin to sing the Clean Up song, I heard at the Kindergarten Open House last night, as Elizabeth’s former Kindergarten Teacher assured parents and future students that singing this particular song happily directed the children to clean the classroom.

“How come when Ms Silva sings the Clean Up song things magically get put away and when I sing it, I’m still doing all the cleaning?”

“That’s because Ms Silva is a teacher and you’re a Mom.  That song only works for teachers, never for parents.”

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