A Mayor in the making

James and I were sitting at the dining room table this morning having our snack when James saw one of our elderly neighbours walk by.

“Oh! I have to say, ‘hi’ to that guy,” James said as he jumped down from his seat.

He rushed to the front door which was closed and locked. James struggled with the lock but couldn’t get it open so he began to wail and even threw himself on the floor in frustration. I got up to help him open the door and the wailing turned into instant appreciation.

“Thank you, Mommy.”

He dashed out the front door and ran to the end of the driveway. He stopped and looked down the sidewalk where our neighbour had gone oblivious of James. Then he pointed and said, “Ah! I see him! Man! Man! I want to say, ‘hi’ to you!”

James ran full speed to the end of the block, his little legs and arms moving so quickly I worried he would topple over. He was out of earshot but I saw him gently grab the man’s leg and give it a squeeze before turning and running back to me.

“So, did you say, ‘hi,’ James?”


“And what did the man say to you?”

“He said, ‘Go home.”

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