Washington DC

The Family Vacation, which was also an  American history field trip, continued with a stop in the nation’s capital – Washington DC. We are in a very difficult period between Canada and America. This is something that I would have never imagined for my children a few years ago – a boycott and a trade war with our American neighbours.

We went on a 2 week road trip and during that time we did not see another Canadian license plate. It was a noticeable absence. While we are experiencing a challenging time with our American neighbours we chose to go south anyway because we believe the history is important for the kids to learn and we wanted them to meet their American cousins. This helped them understand who our southern friends and family are despite our turbulent days.

Emma was anxious to get on to the final destination – Florida – so was not happy to be in D.C. because it meant she would “Do a lot of walking that is getting us nowhere!”

2 Replies to “Washington DC”

  1. Deep apologies for the deplorable actions/views of the ignoramus in the White House who is vomiting over the whole world.

    1. One reason we love America is that it is a country capable of changing course through grassroots action. I am optimistic for a positive outcome! Let’s hope it comes sooner than later.

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