Freezing time

Ellie loves Mexican

Elizabeth came down to the living room with her bottle.  She was twirling her hair.  She gave us a coy smile. 

Matt said, “You’re supposed to be in bed.” 

She continued to float over to some of her toys across the room and said slowly, “Well, yes, that’s true,” and sat down to play very quietly.

Matt returned Elizabeth to bed rather easily and when he got up to leave she said, with her bottle still in her mouth, “Where are you going?’ and Matt said, “I’ve got work to do downstairs.”

Elizabeth said, “What’s that?  Sleeping on the couch?” because before he put her to bed he was sleeping on the couch.

Hard times

Mommy: “Well, I’m explaining this because sometimes you can be very difficult.”
Ellie: “Yes, that’s true.”

Getting it right

IMG00396-20121120-1131 (1)

I just could not let this story slip into years of forgetfulness, although it likely won’t, but the other night we had several people over for dinner and five “boys” were drinking Matt’s Pickleback shot in the kitchen. They were having a laugh when Elizabeth walked in and pointed her finger at each of them in turn saying each time, “You have a penis. You have a penis,’ etc. then, ‘Ya, and I have a vagina because I’m a girl.” When she finished she walked out of the kitchen leaving a heavy silence for several dramatic beats when suddenly there was a roar of laughter.

A music critic at 3

Scene: Music playing in the car.  Mom in the driver seat and toddler (Ellie) in the back carseat.

Ellie: “Mommy, who is that?”

Mommy: “That’s Madonna.”

Ellie: “Well, she can’t sing.  Can she dance?”

Mommy: “Yes, she can dance.”

Ellie:  “Well, I want to dance with her.”

Just the way you say it

This evening at dinner, Ellie said to me “Mommy, I need a napkin because my hands just came out of my eyes and I’m crying.” Oh sweet pea! How you make me smile even when you are not.