DSC_0220 Banana Bread

5 lb chicken – WASHED

Wash and cube 6 potatos with skin and place around the chicken.

Wash and cut 4 carrots and place around chicken.

Wash and cut leeks according to taste and add to pan on and around the chicken.

Cut 3 garlic cloves in half and place on top of vegetables still in their skin.  Garlic cloves with skin can also be stuck deeper into the vegetables.

Drizzle olive oil lightly over the chicken and vegetables making sure to get the garlic.

Pour chicken or vegetable stock to 1 inch in the roast pan.

Sprinkle – thyme, rosemary, mixed herbs, ground black pepper, seasoned or sea salt, crushed garlic and bay leaves on chicken to cover.

2 teaspoons of butter to sit on top of chicken.

Cook  at 350^ for 2 hours in roast pan basting every half hour.

Uncover and broil for 10 min to make skin golden.

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