“Elizabeth, Elizabeth, that lively girl, Elizabeth!”

We literally found this book buried away at the farm.  Oma wanted it thrown out but once Matt and I read it we had such a laugh that we kept it more for ourselves than for Ellie (at the time Emma was only a mere dream in our minds).  So, Dr Dog is pulled out for guests to read to Ellie at the farm and she patiently listens to it again and again watching the adults giggle over the storyline and pictures.  Her favourite word from the book is “Nonsense!” but she remembers many others.  She has enjoyed many lovely readings of Dr Dog but I will always remember how captivated she was by her 17 year old cousin Jeremy’s telling.  It was a wonderful September rainy weekend in the kitchen and we were celebrating cousin Megan’s 13 birthday.  The book stays at the farm but we have recently learned of the sequel, A Dose of Dr Dog and that we will order from the library and read here in Toronto.

“Dum Ditty Dum Ditty Dum Dum Dum.”

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