A James game

“Grandma, can you get out of here so I can close the door and keep Mommy in the dark?”
“Are you kicking Grandma out of her own kitchen?”
“No, because I don’t have a big enough foot.”

My life in puzzles

“Mommy, can we go to the house with the boy and his Ninja Turtle car?”
“Who’s that, James?”
“The boy with the Ninja Turtle car… but, NOT the Ninja Turtle.”
“Not the Ninja Turtle?”
“Ya, cause he lost it.”
“He did?”
“He lost it. Can we go there?”
“Not sure who you mean, James. Can you tell me more about him?”
“He has a Ninja Turtle Car but not the Ninja Turtle man.”
“Ok, yes. I understand that. Anything else?”
“Ummm… he has the Mommy who makes pizza.”
My brain: ?
“His Mommy makes pizza but we didn’t eat it.”
My brain: ?
“We went there but we didn’t go there. Remember?”
“No, James, I don’t.”
“Mom! You do! You went there.”
“I did?”
“Yes. I want to go there again.”

As soon as I figure this out you will James.

First thing: we climb a tree

We now mark three years since Matt’s diagnosis and his first seizure. We are extremely grateful for each day of continued health and time to spend together. We are thinking of Canadian poet and singer, Gord Downie and all that he gave to us through his music, environmental activism, and Reconciliation awareness. He was a father, a friend and always made time for his fans. Our hearts are broken for his family. May they feel the love of the country behind them as we grieve his untimely loss and celebrate his extraordinary life.

No dress rehearsal this is our life.” Gord Downie, Ahead By A Century