Just takes a wee Irish to understand

When James was born I believed he looked like Matt.  It was difficult to find much of myself in his face or in the dark curls framing the top of his head.  James very quickly grew and doubled his weight within a couple weeks.  He entered this world as peacefully as a newborn is able and now just smiles and giggles.  At 9 months he is already a hefty guy; he is closing in on 30 lbs!  He already sits in the same size car seat as his two year old sister and wears clothes labelled for 24 months.  Matt’s parents and family continue to tell me how much James looks like Matt did at this same stage: now a big blonde smiley boy.  So, as the months have gone by I have not recognized myself in sweet James until I started to consider him differently…

On our final week of summer we were fortunate to squeeze in a very short trip out to Lake Erie as we do every year to visit my Grandmother’s former home.  We were sitting on the bank in front of the Abely cottage when Dan, our 80 year old Irish friend, laughed about James pulling on his ankles.  I had put James down and he had scooted over to Dan because he is starting to move around but still cannot crawl or pull himself up so his travel is very limited.

Dan said, “Let me take a look at this wee boy.”  And as he held James up in front of him he told us “Ahh…. He reminds me of me-self!”



Raft Launch

This year we completed the design plans for our  “swimming pool.”  Matt worked very hard at developing the beach, building a dock, getting the paddle boat and finally, building the raft. On the very last day of summer vacation we launched the raft with great cheer from the kids and had our final swim of the summer at the farm.  Well done, Matt.  Thank you so much!  There will be great swim days ahead!

Raft Launch

On the raft: Matt holding Emma, Ellie in the water and our friend, Ben.