Getting an estimate

We are in the midst of consultations and appraisals for work to be done in the basement. Last night we had a man come over to our home at 7pm when we just finished dinner and Elizabeth was especially thrilled over his arrival. Bruce was a very sweet man in his 60’s who had come by from a local heating and cooling company and Elizabeth insisted on opening the door. “I want to let him in!” So, she did. We all took part in asking Bruce to take his coat off and to hang it on the hooks by our door. At this time, Matt said we would go down to look at the water tank and furnace in the basment. Elizabeth was hot on Bruce’s tail. She followed him down the hall then down the stairs asking him, “Would you like some beer? Would you like a glass of wine? Want a milk? Juice? I could get you some water.” He kindly laughed with her and said he would be fine and we explained he was here to look at the basement. “Well, Lucy poops down here. This is where her potty is so it’s gross. It’s disgusting. Ewww.” As she continued to chatter and distract, I resorted to ol’ faithful, “Ellie do you want to watch the Backyardigans on the computer?” “Oh, sure!” She scampered back up the stairs with all the drama of the Von Trapp family. “Good bye!”
We continued on with our discussion regarding the furnace and water heater for some time. Elizabeth was deep in Backyardigan heaven, singing along and giggling but mostly silent. When Bruce finally took his leave and had his coat on she snapped out of her computer trance and said, “Wait! I have to give you a hug and a kiss!” She ran to the front door and grabbed his legs almost knocking poor Bruce over and reached up to give him the friendliest of kisses smack on the lips. It was his last job of the night and I think he went home with quite the tickle in his belly. On our end it may be that we just hired Bruce and his gang to work on our basement.

Freezing time

Ellie loves Mexican

Elizabeth came down to the living room with her bottle.  She was twirling her hair.  She gave us a coy smile. 

Matt said, “You’re supposed to be in bed.” 

She continued to float over to some of her toys across the room and said slowly, “Well, yes, that’s true,” and sat down to play very quietly.

Matt returned Elizabeth to bed rather easily and when he got up to leave she said, with her bottle still in her mouth, “Where are you going?’ and Matt said, “I’ve got work to do downstairs.”

Elizabeth said, “What’s that?  Sleeping on the couch?” because before he put her to bed he was sleeping on the couch.

Hard times

Mommy: “Well, I’m explaining this because sometimes you can be very difficult.”
Ellie: “Yes, that’s true.”

Getting it right

IMG00396-20121120-1131 (1)

I just could not let this story slip into years of forgetfulness, although it likely won’t, but the other night we had several people over for dinner and five “boys” were drinking Matt’s Pickleback shot in the kitchen. They were having a laugh when Elizabeth walked in and pointed her finger at each of them in turn saying each time, “You have a penis. You have a penis,’ etc. then, ‘Ya, and I have a vagina because I’m a girl.” When she finished she walked out of the kitchen leaving a heavy silence for several dramatic beats when suddenly there was a roar of laughter.

A music critic at 3

Scene: Music playing in the car.  Mom in the driver seat and toddler (Ellie) in the back carseat.

Ellie: “Mommy, who is that?”

Mommy: “That’s Madonna.”

Ellie: “Well, she can’t sing.  Can she dance?”

Mommy: “Yes, she can dance.”

Ellie:  “Well, I want to dance with her.”