All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!

Emma Baby now has two tiny teeth poking through her bottom gum.  I will forever miss her gummy smile and zombie-like wide mouth attacks on my face.  She fevered and was out of sorts the past two days and finally at lunch today she opened her mouth in such a way that I could see two white spots.  She seems aware of the rough new edge because she keeps poking her fingers along the bottom gum line and was giggling when Ellie told her how wonderful it was that she now had some teeth.  Emma, here is a video of you when you were a wee three months old.  I loved that stage, as I do all your stages, but I had somewhat hoped, 3 months would linger into a year and likely even that would be too short.

without a flaw since 1959

I usually give the girls their bath in the morning because it works better for our current routine.  Ellie was happy for a lengthy warm bath with Emma after we had skipped a local drop-in because we’re congested and coughing.  She lasts much longer in the water than her little sister because she likes to play with her toys.  Today she was playing with her Barbie when I heard: “Listen, Barbie, you’re all washed up.”

Swedish memories…

We were so fortunate to have my dear friend, Tina stay with us from Feb 7, to March 7, 2012.  Tina flew in from Sweden to visit 2 weeks before Emma’s birth and what a blessing this visit was for our little family.  Ellie fell for Tina immediately and let her stay the month in her room while she returned to the “baby bed,” her former crib, now in the nursery waiting for Emma.  Every morning, Ellie would wake Tina up in the early hours by saying, “Tina, I’m here now,” and then crawl in bed with her for a bottle and snuggle.  On one morning, Tina remembers Ellie holding her happy-faced doll, Myrtle (now Pop), and explaining that Myrtle was very sad.  Tina replied, “She’s happy.  Look at the smile on her face.”  Ellie looked from Tina to Myrtle and gave the doll a solid smack before saying, “Well, now she’s sad.”

“My Milky Bubba”

We try to give Ellie milk in a bottle twice a day at most and this has been scheduled – determined by her – after breakfast and at 4:30 snack.  The rest of the day her bottle contains water or a slight mix of water and juice.  Her bottle – “Bubba” – is her best friend and she is always happier and easier to deal with when she has a bottle in hand.  So, now that she is approaching 3 and new baby is now an older baby, we are encouraging Ellie to forgo the bottle for a sippy cup or even a plain cup.  Obviously, if you can see where this is going, Matt and I use the bottle as a bribe such as: if you get in the car you will get a bubba, if you eat all your dinner you can have a bubba, if you get in the stroller now you can have a bubba.  It works well, especially if we throw the word “Milky” in front of bubba.  To be clear, we were asked by both her doctor and dentist to limit the milk, especially around sleep times, and to get rid of the bottle entirely as she is “too old for it.”  Matt and I try to be on track with this and agree with the doctors.  However, Ellie’s agenda is a little different and here’s how it played out:

Ellie whispered in my ear, “Can you get me a secret milky?”

Me: “A secret milky?  Let me guess who gives you those?”

Ellie: “But you can’t get mad cause they’re secret.  Just Grandpa Terry gives them to me but you can too, Mommy.”