Political Pain

Somebody take that microphone away.

Make him go this very day.

We don’t want to see him.

His voice makes us sick.

Remove him from office before his stink starts to stick.

Letter from Santa

The Kindergarten kids send a letter to Santa and the kids in the older grades respond to the letters. James got his reply today.

Dear James,

I know you are a good boy, I have been watching you all year, also Mrs. Claus and I are doing great and Rudolph is getting ready for the big day. I will try to get you a Power Ranger set, a Power Ranger Megazord, and a stuffed animal but you will have to be a good boy. You will also have to askĀ Noah if you can go to his house because I am not in charge of Noah’s house I am in charge of the North Pole. Stay good and happy.

From Santa

Mixing up the lyrics

The Sleep Country ad jingle goes like this:

“Why buy a mattress anywhere else?”

For Elizabeth it was:

“Why buy a mattress when you have a couch?”

Navigating young relationships

“Mom, can we invite Livvy over to play on another day?”

“Sure, Em.”

“I sit with her on the bus and she’s in my class.”

“Ok, do you play with her at school? At recess?”

“No, when we’re at school we have other friends to worry about.”