Monticello & Magnolia Plantation

The kids really enjoyed Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home and plantation. Elizabeth was fascinated with Jefferson’s inventions including a door that spins to serve food in the tea room. The kids learned about the life of the slaves and those who were also members of the Jefferson family. Elizabeth was intrigued to learn about Sally Hemming, a woman Jefferson loved and enslaved at the same time.

Our second plantation was owned by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation. It is a beautiful property located in Charleston, South Carolina. James was amused by the “Heehawks,” as they followed us around. He was very impressed when they spread their feathers into a magnificent plume. James also looked into the rivers from a safe distance to see if he could spot alligators. The whole time hearing the distinctive call of the Heehawk.

Washington DC

The Family Vacation, which was also an ¬†American history field trip, continued with a stop in the nation’s capital – Washington DC. We are in a very difficult period between Canada and America. This is something that I would have never imagined for my children a few years ago – a boycott and a trade war with our American neighbours.

We went on a 2 week road trip and during that time we did not see another Canadian license plate. It was a noticeable absence. While we are experiencing a challenging time with our American neighbours we chose to go south anyway because we believe the history is important for the kids to learn and we wanted them to meet their American cousins. This helped them understand who our southern friends and family are despite our turbulent days.

Emma was anxious to get on to the final destination – Florida – so was not happy to be in D.C. because it meant she would “Do a lot of walking that is getting us nowhere!”

Latest viral thing…

So the kids are fascintated with the idea that one sound is heard differently by each person. I am referring to the Laurel and Yanny debate. In the time you read this you likely won’t remember Laurel and Yanny. I will remind you that you asked everyone what they heard whether it was at the bus stop or people passing by our house.

In our house it broke down like this:

Laurel – Mom

Yanny – Dad, Ellie, Emma and James


MapleLife Commercial

Emma had a lot of fun making this commercial despite being told she needed to fall while skiing so her “big brother can save her.” ¬†Her response to the script presented was “Why can’t the boy fall and the girl saves him?” She may be writing her own scripts in the future. Well done, Emma!